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Tuition Lock

(Oklahoma Residents Only)

Each fall, new students are eligible to choose their tuition preference. The opportunity to request locked tuition remains open the first week of classes of the fall semester. Every new freshman has the option to choose the tuition guaranteed lock rate by submitting the form.

2022-2023 Academic Year Information

The following graphic displays 2019-2020 through 2022-2023 comparisons of the standard (nonguaranteed) tuition increase versus the actual guaranteed lock tuition rate offered to eligible academic year 2019-2020 students.


 Annual Cost of Tuition
  2019-2020 2020 - 2021 2021 - 2022 2022 - 2023
Nonguaranteed Rate $5,357 $5,357 $5,417 $5,417
Guaranteed Rate $6,159 $6,159 $6,159 $6,159


 OSU Tuition Increases for Resident Undergraduates
Year Tuition Increase
2022 - 2023 0.0%
2021 - 2022 1.5%
2020 - 2021 0.0%
2019 - 2020 0.0%
2018 - 2019 3.2%
2017 - 2018 5.0%
2016 - 2017 7.0%
2015 - 2016 4.4%
2014 - 2015 0.0%
2013 - 2014 0.0%
2012 - 2013 2.8%
2011 - 2012 4.9%
2010 - 2011 4.1%
2009 - 2010 0.0%

For the guaranteed tuition program to be the most cost beneficial choice, the non-guaranteed rates would have to increase by an average of 9.4% each year for the next four years. Over the past 14 years, the average annual tuition increase for resident undergraduate students has been 2.4%.


The guaranteed lock tuition rate for first-time, full-time, in-state freshman for the 2022 - 2023 academic year is a $207.60 per credit hour ($6,228 annually for 30 credit hours – eligible up to 4 consecutive years). The standard (non-guaranteed) tuition rate for students in 2022-2023 is $180.55 per credit hour ($5,417 for 30 credit hours – adjusted each year).


**Please note the costs reflect tuition only (the only portion of costs included in the tuition lock program) and assumes 30 credit hours per academic year. Fees are not included in the lock tuition legislation.


How do I choose?

New first-time, full-time freshman beginning in the Fall (after the tuition and fees are officially set for the school year), have the option to choose the tuition lock rate based on the average of the projected tuition for the next four years. Complete the form located in the Student Forms section prior to the second week of class to select the guaranteed locked tuition rate.

For those unsure how to decide, it may help to consider the lock tuition rate as you would a fixed rate mortgage (tuition lock) versus a variable rate mortgage (standard tuition rate). The fixed rate is more expensive at the beginning and can remain that way, while the variable rate may increase over the course of multiple years but cannot easily be predicted.



A first-time, full-time, in state resident student is eligible for the tuition lock program as long as he/she remains continuously enrolled as a full-time student. Details to note:


  • The tuition lock is guaranteed for a maximum of four (4) years, with exceptions for degree programs officially recognized by the university as 5-year programs. These are: Architectural Engineering, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture.
  • The tuition lock program is active for 4 years of undergraduate study for most degree programs. At the expiration point of the tuition lock, the student is required to pay the nonguaranteed standard rate of tuition for the remaining semesters of attendance.
  • If, for any reason, a student does not maintain consecutive full time enrollment (withdraws or drops out of the institution), he/she is ineligible to return at the locked rate, and will be charged the standard rate of tuition for the remaining semesters of attendance.
  • If a student drops below full-time status in any given semester (excluding summer), he/she will automatically revert back to the standard rate for subsequent semesters.
  • If a student transfers to another state institution, he/she will be charged the amount of resident tuition charged to other first time students enrolling on the new campus.
  • If the student withdraws for military or national defense emergencies, he/she can re-enter and return to the original guaranteed tuition rate if the tuition lock was chosen as a first-time student.

The guaranteed rate includes tuition only. Additional university fees charged and costs incurred by students are not included in the tuition lock option. Visit the tuition and fee estimator to calculate an estimate.
Enrollment in courses that do not use the standard undergraduate tuition rate, such as graduate level courses and outreach courses (some Web based courses students may choose through the regular campus enrollment system are actually offered via Outreach), are not included in the guaranteed tuition program.


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