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Red Flag Rules

Protecting your privacy is a top priority at Oklahoma State University. We respect how important safeguarding this information is and are dedicated to the responsible handling of your information. We are very committed to following our privacy practices and complying with the law.
In order to provide services to you, access to your personal information is restricted to only those Oklahoma State University faculty and staff members with a legitimate business and/or academic need-to-know. Physical, electronic, and procedural controls are maintained in compliance with federal statutes to protect your nonpublic information.
Oklahoma State University has not had a problem with identity theft in the past, but we must be vigilant about protecting sensitive information vulnerable to identity theft, and we must be alert to attempts at identity theft.
OSU Policy 3-0540 enables us to be in compliance with Red Flags Rules, which focuses on our need to be alert to and respond to patterns, practices, and activities that signal possible identity theft attempts.


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