Banner AR/Bursar Implementation

The Banner AR implementation team has worked to understand the Banner processes and configure the system.  Several mock testing simulations and data conversions have been successful. 
July 22, 2016 is the last day for bursar account transactions in SIS.  It is requested the final batch transaction submittals occur on July 20th.  Continue to bring departmental deposits to Bursar cashiers to process. The bursar data will be converted to Banner starting the week of July 25th.  No new transactions will occur until AR is live in Banner the first week of August.  The online system to view bursar account information, including the payment system, will not be available during this time.  After the conversion data is reconciled, AR/Bursar will be live in Banner, target timeline the 1st week in August.  Bursar subcodes will be collapsed into conversion detail codes by categories.  A conversion bursar subcode to detail code crosswalk below.
New terminology, bursar subcodes are referred to as detail codes in Banner.  The detail codes are 4 characters. You may contact Ed Noltensmeyer for your new detail codes or view the bursar subcode to banner detail code on the bursar website available by mid-June.
The AIRS AR Banner transaction upload process is in development and testing is scheduled to start in June.  This will be new method to upload AR (bursar account) transaction files.  This process will validate the transactions.  It will process the validated transactions into Banner (during the nightly process) and remove any transactions that are invalid (due to invalid terms, detail codes, etc.).  A report will be available in AIRS of the invalid transactions that will need to be corrected in a new batch or in manually in Banner. The file layout and process to input transactions via a batch into Banner will change from the current SIS layout and process.   FIM has a spreadsheet available for the new Banner AR Layout.  It contains 3 worksheets:
  • AR Upload Layout – description of the fields and whether they are required or not
  • AR Upload Template – A visual layout of the file
  • VPDI Codes – this is basically a campus identifier because we are sharing a database for the OSU A&M system. (use OSU)
Information on security access and AR trainings are available below.  Training sessions will begin late June and continue in July.

AR SIS Legacy To Banner Form Equivalencies

Banner AR Access Requests

Banner AR Upload Layout

Bursar Banner Transaction Entry Guide

Bursar Detail Code Request Form

Crosswalk SCT Transaction Bursar Subcodes to Banner Conversion Detail Codes

Campus Banner Training Guide

Create My Banner Menu

OSU Bursar Banner Overview Training

SCT Bursar Subcode to Banner Detail Code Conversion