Banner 9

What is Banner 9? Banner 9 is a campus-wide initiative to upgrade our Banner environment to Banner 9. Banner 9 delivers a fresh user experience, all-new tools, and significantly improved capabilities across Banner, providing new efficiencies. Banner 9 is easily compatible with all mobile devices and eliminates browser compatibility issues (you're no longer tied to Internet Explorer).

Why did we have to upgrade to Banner 9? Ellucian, the provider of Banner, is moving away from using the INB forms (built from a technology called Oracle forms). The Banner forms have been rebuilt using modern web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the Banner 9 forms. Also, the new Banner 9 forms eliminate the need to have Java run inside the web browser.

Banner 9 is just changing the front end of how Banner INB appears.  The form names will not change but the format and key strokes will.  You will still use the same login process. Training guides are being developed.  See links below for Navigation Quick Reference Guides.

Banner 9 Administrative will be in production on July 23rd, INB will still be available until October 26. Encourage Banner 9 Administrative usage to ensure daily business processes are well adapted to the new administrative interface prior to the discontinuance of INB.  To encourage this, there will be “Banner 9-only days” leading up to the termination of INB, where only Banner 9 will be available for administrative processing on that day.  More to come on the “Banner 9 only days”  later. There is a link to Banner 9 Administrative alongside the current INB link in the portal.  Both options (INB and Banner 9 Administrative) will be available from the portal, except on Banner 9-only days.  The INB link will be permanently removed at 5:00 PM on Friday, October 26 and all INB access will be terminated.

The preferred browser for using Banner 9 is Chrome or Firefox, both perform better with Banner 9 than Internet Explorer. While you are still accessing INB forms, continue to use Internet Explorer. If you are using Banner functions in both INB and Banner 9:

  • Use Internet Explorer with INB
  • Use Chrome or Firefox with Banner 9.

Please keep in mind that you can quickly switch between either browser by pressing “Alt + Tab.”

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