Tuition & Fees for 2016 - 2017

Undergraduate students taking 12 or more hours will be charged the block rate which includes tuition and University-wide fees and should expect this charge on their student account. Special circumstances exist where a student will not be charged the block rate. For more information, please see the FAQ link at

Block Rate (12 to 18 hours)
Includes tuition and university-wide fees
Per Semester Amount Explanation
Undergraduate Resident $4,368.75 The block rate allows full-time undergraduate students to take 12 to 18 hours and pay a set per semester rate for their tuition and university-wide fees.
Undergraduate Non-Resident $11,887.50

Tuition and University-wide fees will be charged on a per credit hour basis for undergraduate students taking fewer than 12 hours and for graduate students. Professional students at the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences will pay a set semester amount for tuition.

Tuition By Level & Residency Per Credit Hour Amount Explanation
Undergraduate Resident   Tuition is collected from every student as a condition of enrollment to receive instruction at OSU. Tuition rates vary by residency status and level of course. Courses beginning with 0 through 4 are charged at undergraduate rates and courses beginning with 5 or above are charged at the graduate rate.
Nonguaranteed Rate $173.00 per credit hour
Guaranteed Rate $198.92 per credit hour
Undergraduate Nonresident $674.25 per credit hour
Graduate Resident $223.30 per credit hour
Graduate Nonresident $849.20 per credit hour
CVHS1 Resident $19,086.00 per year
CVHS1 Nonresident $44,192.00 per year

(Mandatory) Fees

Per Credit Hour Amount Explanation
Student Activity Fee-Athl $5.50
Dedicated to a bond issue for Athletic Department renovations (Gallagher-Iba Arena and Boone Pickens Stadium).
Student Activity Fee-Genl $2.50
Provides support to such programs, services and organizations as SGA, collegial student councils and related student organizations, Allied Arts, fine arts, intramural athletics and sports clubs, minority student organizations, and the Student Activities Office.
Student Facility Fee, General $5.45
The fee supports the continued upkeep and utility costs of the Colvin Center and the Student Union.
Student Facility Fee, Campus Rec $3.00 The fee was implemented to fund a bond issue for the Colvin Center renovations.
Student Development Fee:


All Other Students




This fee funds numerous initiatives including participation in orientation efforts (linked to recruitment and retention of freshmen and transfer students), development and leadership opportunities for minority students, costs for Student Union programs and Student Union Activities Board, living group organizations (including programs like Renter's Fairs and housing guides), and various other programs available to students throughout the year.
Health Services Fee $5.00 Provides for comprehensive health and pharmacy services.
Advising & Assessment Fee $10.85
Provides students with career development (employment and internship services including expanded interview opportunities, placement preparation, and other programs related to success after graduation), more personalized advising services and reduced advisor/student ratios, and skills assessment and evaluation of students' capabilities at various stages of their academic careers.
Library Automation & Technology Fee


All Other Students




Defrays the cost of equipment, software, and other aspects related to operating the on-line computerized library service. These fees also provide student access to heavily used electronic journals and on-demand information services despite escalating costs and the termination of services by outside library agencies.
University Technology Infrastructure Maintenance Fee


All Other Students




Provides for the maintenance of existing facilities and computer equipment, and the expansion and development of central facilities, hardware, software, and multimedia capabilities, as well as covering increasing costs in multiple areas, including network and system infrastructure, hardware and software costs and communications. Another priority of revenue from this fee will be to upgrade system security in an effort to prohibit University computer networks from being susceptible to hackers.

Academic Facilities Fee




Funds renovation, maintenance, operations and construction of classroom and academic facilities necessary to support contemporary instruction and the demands of growing enrollment.
Academic Records Fee $4.35
Provides for the basic graduation cost, the maintenance of the academic record system, and issuance of official transcripts.
Daily O'Collegian Fee $0.30 Supports the OSU student newspaper.
Transit/Parking Svcs Fee $2.50
For OSU-Stillwater students, this fee subsidizes the OSU/Stillwater Community Transit System. For OSU-Tulsa students, this fee helps offset the cost of upkeep for parking on the OSU-Tulsa campus.
Life Safety & Security Fee (Excludes CVHS1) $5.55
Provides for the implementation of additional campus safety measures that include the "Code Red" reverse 911 communication system to notify students and staff should there be an emergency situation. Also, revenue from this fee allows for additional FTE for campus police officers (in order to keep students, staff and faculty safe and also safeguard buidlings and equipment) and University Counseling Services.
Academic Excellence Fee (Excludes CVHS1​) $15.50
Provides for new faculty positions and/or helps increase existing faculty salaries up to peer averages.
Student Union Renovation Fee (Excludes CVHS1) $4.70
Recommended and approved by SGA to help finance renovations and enhancements to the OSU Student Union that will benefit students and the campus for many years to come. Renovations include considerations to infrastructure (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural) as well as accessibility and traffic flow with the building.
Mandatory Fee Total    
Undergraduate and Graduate Students $118.25  
1Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

Academic Service Fees Per Credit Hour Amount Explanation
ASNR Tech Fee $7.50
Provides for the maintenance of existing facilities housing computer and/or multimedia equipment, and the expansion and development of collegiate facilities, equipment, software and multimedia capabilities. It also helps provide for the specialized technology needs of each of the various colleges.
A&S Tech Fee $10.00
SSB Tech Fee $7.50
COE Tech Fee $9.50
COHS Tech Fee $12.00
CEAT Tech Fee $21.50
CVHS Tech Fee $15.00
ASNR Program Fee $47.50 Used to fund enhancements to instruction within each college, including materials, equipment, technology, facilities, and salaries to support instruction.
A&S Program Fee $37.90
COHS Program Fee $43.60
SSB Program Fee $31.00
COE Program Fee $39.50
SSB Instruction Infrastructure Fee $4.50 Used to upgrade, maintain, and improve instructional facilities in the Spears School of Business.
Campus Infrastructure Fee $10.00 The funds will be used to support campus-wide maintenance of facilities, upgrades to utility, network and voltage systems and updates/enhancements to technology infrastructure and equipment
SSB Graduate Program Fee $6.00 Funds additional graduate student programming and staffing needs to further assist graduate students.
Note: Individual courses may have special fees in addition to those listed here.

Miscellaneous Fees Amount
New Student Orientation & Enrollment Fee $75.00
(Freshmen & Transfers only - one time)
International Student Status/Maint. Fee $50.00
per semester
Health Risk Assessment Fee $20.00
(First time students only - Stillwater campus only)
Late Enrollment Fee $50.00

In addition to University-wide (Mandatory) Fees associated with all courses at OSU and college-based Academic Service Fees, students taking online/outreach courses will also be charged fees as outlined below.

Online/Outreach Fees Per Credit Hour Amount
Arts & Sciences $85.00






CASNR $85.00
CEAT $95.00
Education $85.00
Human Sciences $90.00






Online/Outreach Fees are used to offset the costs of specialized technologies, as well as other enhancements to instruction.

Tuition and fee charges for the Fall Semester are due by September 15. Electronic notices are sent to the student's OSU e-mail address the first week of September for the first billing statement of the Fall semester. 
Tuition and fee charges for the Spring Semester are due by February 15. Electronic notices are sent to the student's OSU e-mail address the first week of February for the first billing statement of the Spring semester. 
Each subsequent month, electronic notices are sent for bursar billing statements that detail additional transactions on the bursar account.  Balances should be paid by the 15th of each month.  A finance charge of 1.5% will be assessed for past due charges.