Schedule ACH Payments - Available April 4, 2014

The process for the automated bursar account monthly ACH payments must be changed due to regulations regarding storing bank information.  OSU has a new integrated process of conducting bursar business which includes automated ACH scheduled payments. The Bursar Office now offers the ability to access bursar information in a consolidated location, including real-time account balance, online billing statements, authorize user(s), and store payment profiles.

Banking information from the old system will NOT be converted for security reasons.  If you want to continue your monthly automated payments electronically processed from a bank account, you must log in with your O-Key at or if you don’t have an O-Key, contact the Bursar Office to request your PIN, go to bursar website and click the Alternate Login after you receive the PIN. You must set up your Authorized User access within 72 hours from receiving your PIN, save your banking information under "My Profiles" and Set up Automatic Bill Payments under the "Payments" tab. Contact our office for assistance at 405-744-5993 or
April 2014 will be the last ACH payment processing in the old system. If you choose not to sign up for the scheduled ACH payment processing, you will need to make your payment prior to the 15th of the month.  We encourage you to continue your participation in the automated payment processing program and sign up.
Scheduled payments occur at bill statement load time for each automatic payment. If you want to participate in scheduled payments, you must sign up for your scheduled payments before a billing statement generates (prior to the 1st of each month). The user can change the payment date, payment method, amount to pay, or can delete the automatic payment.
PLEASE NOTE: If new charges are added to your bursar account, and the balance due on the billing statement is greater than the authorized payment amount, the scheduled payment will NOT be processed, so you may want to set a greater maximum amount (see Scheduled Bill Payment Example 1)

Scheduled Bill Payment Examples

Example 1
On April 15, an account holder sets up scheduled automatic bill payments to occur three days before the due date, up to a maximum amount of $350. On May 1, a new bill is loaded. The billing statement amount due is $500, which is due by May 15. No automatic payment is created, as the amount due is greater than the maximum automatic payment allowed. The account holder receives an e-mail notification; and must make a payment.
Example 2
An account holder sets up scheduled automatic bill payments to occur one day before the due date, up to a $250 maximum. On May 1, a new bill is loaded. The student owes $75, which is due by May 15. An automatic payment is scheduled in the amount of $75 for May 14.
Example 3
An authorized user sets up automatic bill payment to occur seven days before the due date. On May 1, bills are loaded, but the student does not owe anything. No payment is scheduled.